Choose Rio Vista

Every student is special at Rio Vista. And even though we are each unique, we’re all in it together, dedicated to supporting, lifting, and helping one another soar to great heights.

Dedicated to Teaching the Whole Child

At Rio Vista, we subscribe to “the whole child” approach to teaching, which ensures that every student in our school is healthy, safe, engaged, and challenged. Keeping these values at the forefront of our policies and practices, and as we teach to the California Common Core State Standards, our students experience comprehensive, long-term success.

Student Leadership

Rio Vista students learn leadership skills that will last a lifetime and propel them toward success as valued community citizens. Our Rockets enjoy participating in the following student leadership programs:

  • Peace Patrol
  • Cross-Age Buddies
  • Playground Activity Leaders
  • Math Field Day
  • Library Assistants
  • Tech Tutors
  • Teacher Assistants
  • Disaster Liaisons

Early Start Program

Families whose infants or toddlers have a developmental delay or disability or an established risk condition with a high probability of resulting in a delay may be eligible to receive an "Early Start" in California. Teams of service coordinators, healthcare providers, early intervention specialists, therapists, and parent resource specialists evaluate and assess infants or toddlers and provide appropriate early intervention and family support services for young children from birth to three years of age.

For more information, view the Early Start page on the State of California Department of Developmental Services website. Please contact Early Start Program Specialist Jennifer Corugedo at (661) 294-5332.

Parent Engagement Opportunities

  • Parent Learning Academies
  • After-School Family Literacy Hour
  • PTA events and activities